Happy Summer 2016!

Summer does not start until the new Estrella Damm advert is on air, at least for those living in Catalonia. Estrella Damm, the most famous beer from Barcelona, has taken over the concept of ‘summer’ as Coca-cola did with their Christmas’ truck advert.

For about 6 years now, the brand has launched a TV advert every first week of June featuring a group of friends enjoying their beer on the Mediterranean coast, sharing the essence of summer for the locals.

After their first advert, launched in 2011, Estrella Damm got such a positive response that the brand followed the #mediterràniament campaign up with a new advert the year after. Since then, the brand has been responsible for introducing the summer season year after year.

What makes Estrella Damm adverts special? Apart from showcasing the ideal summer every youngster in Catalonia aspires to, each of the pieces are led by a different well-known Spanish cinema director, are shot on a different part of the Catalonian coast and unveils the summer hit, a song to be played at every one of the summer parties in the area.

As you can imagine the pressure to keep the concept fresh is immense to the point that, last year the team at Estrella Damm decided to take their ‘summer advert’ one step further and produced the short film ‘Vale’ with Dakota Johnson– now on UK television.

The full 12 minutes short film was adapted to become the TV advert of summer 2015, however the interest raised by the brand is such that the Spanish version has now been viewed more than 6.634.766 times on their official YouTube channel!

And you’ll be wondering… what about the summer 2016 advert? A couple of weeks after having released the trailer, last week Estrella Damm made the short film official: ‘Those Little Things’ with Jean Reno. It has not yet been subtitled, but within a week of being uploaded the short film has already had 998.665 views.

So, as the numbers make evident Estrella Damm adverts do not only receive a great response from the audience but are also demanded. Every end of May, as the new release gets closer, the brand’s advert becomes a topic of discussion, and the countdown for summer starts… 

In the UK, the brand has shown some of their adverts on TV during prime time. But whether the Estrella Damm can replicate their success and create a cultural brand here remains to be seen.

So for now we leave you to watch the previous #mediterràniament adverts and, under Estrella Damm rules, we wish you a Happy Summer 2016!

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