Cities of hope

Few weeks ago nine artists got together in Manchester to participate in a Vestige street art convention in the Northern Quarter called Cities of hope.

The artists were asked to produce an inspirational mural representing one of nine social injustices each of which was linked to a local organisation that, at a grass roots level, fights to help the lives of those affected. A sign of support and revindication for cities in need of a human touch.

Beyond the impact it created for these local organisations – such as our friends at 42nd Street – the event, which ran from the 21st to 29th of May, saw many of those working in the Northern Quarter use their lunch break to wander around on the lookout for the new additions to the impressive collection of street art in the area.

And with phone in hand we went out to capture some shots for our #foundandkept initiative which aims to document and share inspiration we find around us.

Here’s a small collage of the photos taken. Hope you find the murals as inspiring as we do!

Cities of hope collage

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