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What’s in Pandora’s Box

First published by TOB in 2011

What do you get when you open Pandora’s box? Well it turns out you get one of the best brand experiences in the form of a small but beautiful piece of jewellery.

Despite the current financial troubles of the Pandora Group I believe Pandora represents a brand that truly understands its identity and its market. What is more their current marketing push is spot on in my opinion!

As a Dane I have seen the brand grow up in Denmark and flourish abroad. Its success stems not just from its products but from its story which I believe has made Pandora what it is today.

I believe this for 2 reasons; it feeds directly into consumer culture and is present throughout the entire business.
Four trends currently dominate consumer culture and brands;

Pandora caters to all of these with its increasingly recognisable brand that allows the creativity of individuals to flow into their products.

In taking that which is most closely associated with jewellery – moments and special occasions – and infusing every part of the brand and product with it, Pandora has managed to tap into the value of ‘experiences’ something which many brands are attempting. Pandora achieves this by connecting with consumers on an emotional level as it becomes part of its customers’ lives and special moments (see advert above).

From a business perspective Pandora’s story has been successful because it not only lives within the business but feeds into everything they do. As such they have achieved what many global brands aspire to; the alignment of strategy, brand and product.

The products in particular play a vital role in the success of Pandora. They embody everything the brand stands; female individuality, moments in time, memories, quality, expressions – experiences and feelings which are made tangible through the products. And that is why I believe Pandora delivers one of the best brand experiences today. They are quickly becoming synonymous with memories and individuality.

Great brands come from within and are built on the strength and vision of a business. A brand should help you tell your story and if you can tie strategy, brand and product/service together and forge a connection with consumers you are on the path to success.

And that rule applies to Pandora as well.

Allan Leighton, Pandora board chairman, is blaming their lackluster sales and marketing execution for the last 18 months fall from grace but I believe it is their brand that could save them. Pandora needs to get back to basic and reiterate the story that everyone fell in love with and restore the connection with it’s consumers.

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